my multimedia design pc (yoda) has been acting up again. probably RAM-envy cos i upgraded the home theatre pc (obiwan). in an obvious act of retaliation, yoda has since decided that it is no longer compatible with:

1. half of the keys on my keyboard
2. the save function (which i found out painfully after designing a 56-layer photoshop file)
3. all installed software except for those that serve little purpose other than slowing everything down to matrix bullet time e.g. weather forecasts for every square inch of the planet (freeware my ass. free aging more like it)
4. the power switch
5. my sanity

error message reads: problem exists between keyboard and chair. got so angry i could start a new rating. was about to introduce the chair to yoda when i could’ve sworn i heard his voice in my head – “anger leads to hate.. hate leads to suffering.” except i wasnt taking on the empire so i quipped, “do or do not, muddafarkah!” ctrl. alt. del.

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