fall out boy was a blast! woohoo! eh? what’s that? only pre-puberscent, angst-ridden, mtv-addict tweens listen to ’em? i believe i can live with that. after all, the best part of “believe” is the “lie”. and the guacamole on the chimichanga was man u’s oh-too-sweet coup de grace at anfield that same night. even the mountain of closing of FY work that needed to be moved was not gonna bring this bruthah down. despite what i learnt at econs 101 other than which seat obscures you from the lecturer’s view to afford more “therapeutic” indulgences, the law of diminishing returns does not apply to coca cola, chunky monkey, nosebleed-inducing shoulder rubs and injury time man u winners after being a man down and playing most of the game enduring one goal siege after another (and me enduring one testicular damage after another). maybe i should write to lipsey and steiner to re-consider. plus i also have a differing opinion on the consumers’ perfect rationality theory. case in hand.

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