monday with freshly squeezed lemon sprinkled generously over an open wound

you know how, on occasion, some mondays defy all unpleasant expectations and turn out to be refreshingly wonderful with everything falling into place – you wake up feeling fresh, genial sunshine enveloping you through your bedroom window, shirts pressed smart with complementing tie, hair falls into place with first palmful of wax, smiles from security guards suggesting everything’s copacetic, smooth drive to work, every contact with colleagues leaves you feeling warm and motivated, fruitful and productive meetings, hearty yet healthy lunch, reasonable deadlines, and all work completed at 6.30 pm sharp.

today is not one them.

woke up late thanks to snooze-happy palm, fell out of bed cursing bright sunlight which disturbed sleep, hobson’s choice of shirt and tie since they were the only ones ironed and (semi) clean (actually, the tie wasnt ironed so had to sit on it during the drive to work to press out crease), shirt and tie colours look like a colour-blind circus clown picked them, thanks to lack of time went to work with bed head – literally, tried desperately to press down alfalfa spike or camouflage it with other spikes by slapping on two fistfuls of wax but hair still looks like i styled it with a lawnmower, security guards indulging in anything but their duties while i was driving out, every contact with colleagues brings me closer to suicide, ridiculously lengthy meetings thanks to attendees who love the sound of their voices, my stomach decided to join in the discussion demanding gastritis be included in the agenda, over-indulgence in chicken rice for lunch meant a very challenging afternoon trying to stay awake much less stay focused on whatever my director was trying to tell me to do which would probably include projects and reports due 5 seconds later, which brings me to now. i’m just about to start my work. and it’s 6.30 pm. sharp.

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